Charted Billboard Singles
Jeannie placed records on Billboard's country
singles chart for 13 consecutive years
from 1966 to 1978.


Record Title Label Debut Date
Don't Touch Me
It's Only Love
A Wanderin' Man
When It's Over
These Memories
I'll Love You More (Than You Need)
Welcome Home To Nothing
How Is He?
Just Enough To Start Me Dreamin'
Wish I Didn't Have To Miss You*
Please Be My New Love
Tell Me Again
You Don't Understand Him Like I Do
Alright I'll Sign The Papers
Much Oblige*
What In The World Has Gone Wrong
With Our Love*
Farm In Pennsyltucky
Between The King And I
Can I Sleep In Your Arms
Lucky Ladies
I Miss You
He Can Be Mine
Take My Hand
Since I Met You Boy
We're Still Hangin' In There Ain't We Jessi
Take Me To Bed

*Recorded with Jack Greene

Monument 933
Monument 965
Monument 987
Monument 999
Monument 1011
Monument 1029
Monument 1054
Monument 1075
Decca 32452
Decca 32580
Decca 32628
Decca 32757
Decca 32858
Decca 32882
Decca 32898
Decca 32964

Decca 32991
Decca 33042
Decca 33042
MCA 40074
MCA 40162
MCA 40225
MCA 40287
MCA 40428
MCA 40528
Columbia 10550
Columbia 10664



Albums, Cassettes, and CDs

Written In Song

Format: CD Label: Cheyenne Records
Release Date: 2016 Producer: Jeannie Seely
Selections: Sometimes I Do, He's All I Need, I'm Never Gonna See You, Senses, Anyone Who Knows What Love Is, You Don't Need Me, My Love For You, Leavin' And Sayin' Goodbye, The Pain Once You're Gone, He Always Got What He Wanted, Life Of A Rodeo Cowboy, Enough To Lie, Who Needs You, We're Still Hangin' In There Ain't We Jessi

The Seely Style

Format: Album Label: Monument (Catalog Number MLP 8057/SLP 18057)
Release Date: 1966 Producer: Fred Foster
Selections: Don't Touch Me, I Fall To Pieces, Yesterday, I Wouldn't Know Where To Begin, Put It Off Until Tomorrow, It Just Takes Practice, It's Only Love, You Don't Have Very Far To Go, Let It Be Me, Then Go Home To Her, Darling Are You Ever Coming Home, You Don't Have Time For Me

Thanks, Hank!

Format: Album Label: Monument (Catalog Number MLP 8073/SLP 18073)
Release Date: 1967 Producer: Fred Foster
Selections: A Wanderin' Man, A Little Bitty Tear, Funny Way of Laughin', A Long Way From Home, Everything I Had, These Memories, I Want To Go With You, Someone's Waiting, I Lie A Lot, Me Today And Her Tomorrow, Don't You Ever Get Tired, Make The World Go Away
This album was re-released by Columbia Records on the Harmony label under the title "Make The World Go Away".

I'll Love You More

Format: Album Label: Monument (Catalog Number SLP 18091)
Release Date: 1967 Producer: Fred Foster
Selections: I'll Love You More, I'd Be Just As Lonely There, When It's Over, I'm Still Not Over You, If My Heart Had Windows, Mr. Record Man, Your Way My Way, A Little Unfair, You Changed Everything About Me, Don't Say Love Or Nothing, Grass Won't Grow On A Busy Street

Little Things

Format: Album Label: Monument (Catalog Number SLP 18104)
Release Date: 1968 Producers: Fred Foster and Jim Malloy
Selections: Little Things, Just Because I'm A Woman, Maybe I Should Leave, Welcome Home To Nothing, A Little Unfair, Leave Me Alone, Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife, How Is He?, Harper Valley PTA, My Love Dies Hard, Long Black Limousine

Jeannie Seely

Format: Album Label: Decca (Catalog Number DL 75093)
Release Date: 1969 Producer: Owen Bradley
Selections: Just Enough To Start Me Dreamin', Wichita Lineman, Yours Love, So Was He, Too Far Gone, How Big A Fire, Until My Dreams Come True, Just Out Of Reach, Walking After Midnight, With Pen In Hand, I'll Be Better Off

Jack Greene & Jeannie Seely

Format: Album Label: Decca (Catalog Number DL 75171)
Release Date: 1969 Producers: Owen Bradley and Harry Silverstein
Selections: Love Is No Excuse, Yearning, I Will Always, Someone I Used To Know, You're Mine, Wish I Didn't Have To Miss You, Our Chain Of Love, Willingly, My Tears Don't Show, Everybody Knows But You And Me, The First Day

Please Be My New Love

Format: Album Label: Decca (Catalog Number DL 75228)
Release Date: 1970
Selections: Heart Over Mind, Jeannie's Song (Medley), Out Loud, I'm Afraid I Lied, The Fightin' Side Of Me, You Wouldn't Know Love, Is Anybody Going To San Antone, Please Be My New Love, Have You Found It Yet, Hungry Eyes (Mama's Hungry Eyes), What Kind Of Bird Is That

Can I Sleep In Your Arms / Lucky Ladies

Format: Album Label: MCA Records (Catalog Number MCA-385)
Release Date: 1973 Producer: Walter Haynes
Selections: Can I Sleep In Your Arms, Hold Me, He Knows What I'm Crying About, Tell Me Again, Pride, I'd Do As Much For You, Lucky Ladies, Alright I'll Sign The Papers, Farm In Pennsyltucky, He'll Love The One He's With, Hangin' On Alone

Two For The Show (Jack Greene & Jeannie Seely)

Format: Album Label: Decca (Catalog Number DL 75392)
Release Date: 1973
Selections: We Know An Ending, You're Heavy On My Mind Today, What In The World Has Gone Wrong With Our Love, How Can Our Cheatin' Be Wrong, We Found It In Each Other's Arms, It Just Doesn't Seem To Matter, The World Needs A Melody, Much Oblige, You And Me Against The World, If It Ain't Love (Let's Leave It Alone), Whiskey Dirt

Live At The Grand Ole Opry (Jack Greene & Jeannie Seely)

Format: Double Album/CD/Cassette Label: Pinnacle Records/Kardina Records
Release Date: 1977 Producers: Jack Greene and Hank Cochran
Selections: Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms, Farm In Pennsyltucky, Catfish John, Delta Dawn, Can I Sleep In Your Arms, Don't Touch Me, What In The World Has Gone Wrong With Our Love, If It Ain't Love (Let's Leave It Alone), The World Needs A Melody, An American Trilogy

Greatest Hits (Jack Greene & Jeannie Seely)

Format: Album/Cassette Label: Gusto Records (Album) and Hollywood (Cassette)
Release Date: 1991 Producer: Moe Lytle
Selections: Don't Touch Me, Can I Sleep In Your Arms, We Don't Want The World, It's Only Love, Wish I Didn't Have To Miss You

Jeannie Seely's Greatest Hits On Monument

Format: CD/Cassette Label: Sony Music Distribution (Catalog Number 52426)
Release Date: 1993 Producer: Fred Foster
Selections: Don't Touch Me, When It's Over, I'll Love You More (Than You Need), Everything I Had Going For Me (Is Gone), Darling Are You Ever Coming Home, A Wanderin' Man, These Memories, It's Only Love, It Just Takes Practice, Your Way My Way, You Changed Everything About Me, Don't You Ever Get Tired, Welcome Home To Nothing, How Is He?
The album titled "Jeannie Seely's Greatest Hits" was originally released in 1976 on Monument Records (Catalog Number MC 6640).

Jeannie Seely

Format: Cassette
Release Date: 1990
Selections: Don't Touch Me (Re-recorded), If It Was That Easy, Healing Hands Of Time, Why Doesn't He Leave Me Alone, All Through Cryin', When I'm Back On My Feet Again, I'll Be Around, Two Cheaters Loose, One Step Away, Every Now And Then

Jeannie Seely Number One Christmas

Format: CD/Cassette
Release Date: 1994
Selections: Joy To The World, O Holy Night, What Child Is This, O Little Town Of Bethlehem, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Silent Night, O Come All Ye Faithful


Format: CD/Cassette
Release Date: 1997
Selections: I'm Back On My Feet Again, Pride, Wish I Didn't Have To Miss You, Can I Sleep In Your Arms, I'll Love You More (Than You Need), What In The World Has Gone Wrong With Our Love, Alright I'll Sign The Papers, Don't Touch Me, He Can Be Mine, Too Far Gone, Please Be My New Love, Farm In Pennsyltucky, Catfish John, Delta Dawn, It's Only Love, Lucky Ladies, You've Been Leaving Me For Years, All Through Cryin', One Step Away, Little Things, How Is He?, Welcome Home To Nothing, Tell Me Again, An American Trilogy

Been There . . . Sung That

Format: CD/Cassette
Release Date: 1999
Selections: Leavin' And Sayin' Goodbye, Old Friends (duet with Willie Nelson), He's All I Need, It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels, Making Believe (duet with Terri Williams), I Can't Stop Loving You (duet with T. Graham Brown), Burning An Old Memory, Make The World Go Away, Candy Kisses, When He Leaves You, Sentimental Journey, How Great Thou Art

Life’s Highway
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Format: CD Label: OMS Records
Release Date: 2003 Producers: Hugh Moore and Billy Troy
Selections: Life’s Highway, The Next Voice You Hear, Fast Movin’ Train, I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight, The River, I’ve Got My Baby On My Mind, The Good Old Days, It’s A Heartache, If It Ain’t Love, Rose Upon The Riverbank, Roarin’ And Runnin’, Cry Myself To Sleep, Call Of Kentucky

Vintage Country
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Format: CD Label: Cheyenne Records
Release Date: 2011 Producers: Jeannie Seely
Selections: Darktown Strutters' Ball, Another Bridge To Burn, Heaven's Just A Sin Away, What's Going On In Your World (Duet with Danny Davis), Ode To Billie Joe, What A Way To Live, Funny How Time Slips Away, Half As Much, Makes Me Wonder If I Ever Said Goodbye, Blanket On The Ground, Let It Be Me (Duet with Tim Atwood), Don't Touch Me (Live at the Grand Ole Opry)

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Jeannie Seely Vocals Appear
On The Following Additional Recordings:

Academy of Country Music’s 101 Greatest Country Hits, Volume 1: Forever Country (CD) on K-Tel / 1997
Academy of Country Music’s 101 Greatest Country Hits, Volume 7: Country Nights (CD) on K-Tel / 1997
Academy of Country Music’s 101 Greatest Country Hits (Box Set) on K-Tel / 1995
All American Cowboys (Album/Cassette) / 1984
All-Time Country Hits (Box Set) on K-Tel / 1993
All-Time Country Hits, Volume 3 (CD) on Dominion / 1993
America’s Country: Country Legends (CD) on Madacy Records 8465 / 1997
American Jukebox Country Classics, Volume 5: Country Heartaches (CD) on Sterling Gold / 1996
Benny Martin’s Greatest Sounds (CD/Cassette) on Red Sundown Records / 1999
Best of Country (CD Box) on Madacy Records 2137 / 1997
Best of Country Legends (CD) on Excelsior / 1997
Best of the Best - Jack Greene (CD) on Federal 6535 / 2000
Best of Town and Country, Volume 3 (CD) / 1992
Bluegrass Goes To Town: Pop Songs Bluegrass Style (CD) on Rounder Records 610511 / 2002
Classic Country Christmas (CD) on Noveau (K-Tel) / 2000
Classic Country Duets (Album) on MCA / 1985
Clinch Mountain Sweethearts - Ralph Stanley & Friends (CD/Cassette) on Rebel Records 1770 / 2001
Country Classics (CD) on Drive Archive / 1995
Country Classics, Volume 1 - Honky Tonk Angels (CD/Cassette) on Dominion/K-Tel / 1997
Country Classics (CD) on K-Tel Entertainment 3533 / 2002
Country Dream Duets - Kenji Nagatomi (Japan)
Country Duets (CD/Cassette) on King Records 495 / 1995
Country Duets (CD) on SPECT 5444782 / 2002
Country Duets, Volume 2 (CD) on Polygram International / 2001
Country Gospel (CD/Cassette) on Madacy / 1997
Country Ladies (CD/Cassette) on Dominion/K-Tel / 1988/1991
Country Legends (CD) on Madacy Records 5844 / 2001
Country Music Classics, Volume IX (CD/Cassette) on CBS Special Products / 1990
Country Stars of Branson, Missouri (CD/Cassette) on MCA Special Products 20878/ 1995
Country Superstars (CD/Cassette) on Dominion/K-Tel / 1992/1993
Country’s Best (CD/Cassette) on Richmond 2146 / 1996
Country’s Super Ladies (CD/Cassette) on Sony Special Products 33067 / 1999
Fifty Years of Country Music, Volume 10 (CD) on Starday Records 6310 / 1997
Fifty Years of Country Music, Volume 14 (CD) on Starday Records 6314 / 1997
Fifty Years of Country Music, Volume 16 (CD) on Starday Records 6316 / 1997
Generations In Song - Hank Locklin (CD/Cassette) on Coldwater Records / 2001
Golden Country Hits, Volume 2 (CD) on PMF Music Factory / 1997
Golden Country Hits, Volume 4 (CD) on PMF Music Factory / 1997
Golden Country Memories (Album) on Challenge
Grand Ladies Of The Grand Ole Opry (CD/Cassette) on Deluxe 7914 / 1995
Great Conch Train Robbery - Shel Silverstein (CD) on Flying Fish Records 70211 / 1993
Greatest Country Duets (Cassette) on MCA / 1991
Gum Tree Canoe - John Hartford (Album/CD) on Flying Fish Records 0289 / 1987
Hank Cochran With A Little Help From His Friends (Album) on Capitol / 1978
Headin’ Down Into The Mystery Below - John Hartford (Album/CD) / 1978
Honeysuckle Rose Motion Picture Soundtrack (Album/CD/Cassette) on Columbia 36752 / 1980
Honky Tonk Angels (CD) on Big Country / 1991
Inspirations (CD) on Arrival / 1990
Jolly Green Giant - Jack Greene (CD) on Edsel Records UK / 1997
Mega Country, Volume 1 (CD) on PMF Music Factory / 1998
Monument Story (CD/Cassette) on Sony Music Special Products 66106 / 1994
Monumental Country Hits (Album) on Monument / 1968
More Great Country Duets (Cassette) on MCA Special Products / 1992
Nashville Class (Cassette) on CBS Special Products / 1988
Opry Stars Sing Gospel (CD/Cassette) on Arrival / 1994
Songs of Praise (CD) on K-Tel Entertainment 3526 / 2002
Super Ladies (CD) on Sony Music Special Products 33067 / 1999
Ten From Tennessee (Album) on 4 Star Records / 1977
That Was Country - Mid 60’s (CD/Cassette) on CBS Special Products / 1990
Thirty-Six Greatest Gospel Memories: A Loving Tribute (CD) on Madacy Christian 5265 / 2002
Touch This Country (CD/Cassette) on Drive Archive 41087 / 1995
Twentieth Century Country, Volume 1: Country Classics - Honky Tonk Angels (CD) on Dominion / 1997
Twenty Greatest Country Hits - 1967 (Cassette) on Deluxe / 1994
Twenty-One Winners: Country Legends (CD) on Madacy Records 2137 / 1997
Waltz Across Texas - Ernest Tubb & Friends (CD) on Laserlight 12115 / 1992
You And Me At Home - John Hartford (Album/CD) on Flying Fish Records / 1980

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Life's Highway

Jeannie Seely displays an infectious smile when she explains how her bluegrass and acoustic project has been on her "to do" list for the past several years. "I'm so happy that I was asked to make this CD," she states. "It was a lot of fun to put it together and work with such talented people."

Life's Highway was released on OMS Records (www.OMSRecords.com), an independent label that features bluegrass and classic country music. The project was produced by Hugh Moore and Billy Troy.

"I'll always be grateful to my late friend Johnny Russell for planting the seeds for this album," notes Jeannie. "It was the last of many gifts he gave me." OMS Records' second release was a critically-acclaimed all-acoustic rendering of Johnny Russell's famous song repertoire.

Jeannie enlisted the help of several friends, heroes, and Opry members as special guests on Life's Highway. The tracks were recorded at Hilltop Studio in Nashville.

From the Opry family are the mandolin sounds of Bobby Osborne, Buck White, and Jesse McReynolds, the guitar work of Steve Wariner, the banjo pickin' of Sonny Osborne, and the harmony vocals of Charlie Louvin, The Osborne Brothers, and The Whites.

Life's Highway features the famous Dobro of the inimitable Josh Graves who created his sound on the Opry with Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs - and changed bluegrass and country music forever.

Rob Ickes, who has been awarded "Instrumental Performer of the Year" multiple times by the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA), also plays Dobro on Jeannie's project.

Grammy and IBMA honored Glen Duncan, with literally hundreds of Opry appearances to his credit, contributes his fiddle mastery to each track on the album.

"I certainly don't take lightly how fortunate I've been to be a part of the Grand Old Opry and to meet, know, listen, and work with such a talented group of country music artists that I'm also able to call my fiends," Jeannie notes.

In recent years Jeannie's recordings have included the duet "I'm Ready To Go" on Ralph Stanley's Clinch Mountain Sweethearts album which earned the 2002 "Recorded Event of the Year" Award from the International Bluegrass Music Association.

Jeannie also appeared on the 2002 album Bluegrass Goes To Town: Pop Songs Bluegrass Style, singing the Janis Joplin hit "Piece Of My Heart" with John Hartford.

Life' Highway contains two of Jeannie's own compositions - the up tempo "Roarin' And Runnin'" and "Call Of Kentucky", a tune that would unquestionably win approval from her late Opry friend Bill Monroe.

Songs written by fellow Opry members and friends Bill Anderson ("Cry Myself To Sleep") and Dolly Parton ("The Good Ole Days") are also included. "The Next Voice You Hear" was composed by another of Jeannie's heroes, prolific songwriter and Country Music Hall of Fame member Cindy Walker.

Jeannie dedicates A.P. Carter's "I'll Be All Smiles Tonight" to the memory of John and Marie Hartford. "I was asked to sing this song at their wedding and then again at the memorial for my friend Marie," she writes in the album notes.

The legendary Ernest Tubb once said, "Whether a new song or an old one, when Jeannie sings it, it becomes 'Jeannie's song'." Jeannie lives up to that assessment on songs ranging from the '90's Garth Brooks' hit "The River" to the ever-classic "I've Got My Baby On My Mind".

Jeannie provides a captivating rendition of "It's A Heartache", a tune made popular in the 1980's by both Bonnie Tyler and Juice Newton. With its catching arrangement on Life's Highway, the song has been afforded a whole new life.

"I've always had the highest respect for the harmony of bluegrass music," Jeannie states. With harmony vocal assistance from friends Sharon and Cheryl White, Jeannie revisits the Whites' own 1985 hit, "If It Ain't Love".

On the title track, Jeannie takes Steve Wariner's No.1 hit from 1986 for a ride on her own acoustic journey - with some assistance from Steve himself on guitar.

"I'm extremely proud of all the musicians and artists who contributed their talent to this project", summarizes Jeannie. "I am truly grateful that our paths crossed on Life's Highway.

On November 15, 2003, OMS Records held a "CD Release Party" for Life's Highway in conjunction with the weekly broadcast of the world-famous Midnite Jamboree. Jeannie served as host of the Jamboree and welcomed a long list of special guests that included Charlie Louvin, Jennifer O'Brien, Terri Williams, Uncle Josh Graves, Hugh Moore, Billy Troy, Jean Shepard, and Jack Greene.

Vintage Country
Old But Treasured

Country recordings by Grand Ole Opry star Jeannie Seely span six decades with the release of her CD titled Vintage Country: Old But Treasured. "I love that title," remarked Eddie Stubbs during an interview with Jeannie on his WSM radio show. "Was that your idea?"

"Yes, it was," replied Jeannie, who added with a chuckle, "and like I always joke onstage, I'm speaking about the music when I say old but treasured."

Early in her career, Jeannie's deeply moving vocals earned her the nickname of "Miss Country Soul", a title that is still frequently used. Jeannie's recording of "Don't Touch Me" earned her a Grammy Award for the "Best Country Vocal Performance by a Female", and a live Opry performance of that classic song is included as a bonus track on her new Vintage Country CD.

With one exception, the remaining tracks are all traditional country songs that were previously recorded by others. "As I wrote in the liner notes, it wasn't my intention to 'cover' any of those great performances by some of the most talented artists of our time," explains Jeannie, "but rather to record these wonderful old songs in the way I hear and feel them."

"In talking with my fans," Jeannie continues, "they told me they like to hear a new song every now and then, but they also like to hear things they already know. So that was kind of the basis of how this idea came to be, and that's how many of the songs were chosen. I hope they bring back wonderful memories for others like they have for me."

The classic songs include Jimmy Dickens' 1963 hit "Another Bridge To Burn" written by Harlan Howard, Bobbie Gentry's 1967 Grammy-winning crossover hit "Ode To Billie Joe", Billie Jo Spears' 1975 No. 1 "Blanket On The Ground" and The Kendalls' Grammy-honored 1977 chart-topping hit "Heaven's Just A Sin Away".

With Tim Atwood and Danny Davis, Jeannie recorded duet versions of "Let It Be Me" and "What's Going On In Your World" for the CD project. Both talented vocalists are also accomplished musicians who perform as part of Jeannie's band on the Opry.

Jeannie explains that "Funny How Time Slips Away" came about when she was asked to perform a tribute to Billy Walker on the Tuesday Night Opry following his death. She dedicates the song on her CD to Billy and his wife Bettie, as well as to Charlie Lily and Danny Patton who also died in the fatal accident that occurred in May of 2006.

In addition to Willie Nelson's "Funny How Time Slips Away", her new CD also includes his song "What A Way To Live", a 1968 hit for Johnny Bush that Jeannie frequent performs on the Opry. "I can never sing enough Willie Nelson songs," she's quick to add.

Jeannie says her husband Gene Ward's favorite cut on the new CD is Mickey Newbury's "Makes Me Wonder If I Ever Said Goodbye", a 1976 hit for Johnny Rodriguez. "Mickey is one of the most incredible songwriters of our time," notes Jeannie. I got to know him very well, and I can still picture him writing those haunting, poignant songs on the back of his houseboat at Anchor High Marina in Hendersonville."

"Darktown Strutters' Ball" is known as a pop, jazz, big band and Dixieland tune, but Jeannie elected to record her own interpretation, and the resulting western-swing version became the CD's opening track. "I don't know of anyone else in country music who's ever tackled that song," notes Eddie Stubbs.

"I've known the song as long as I can remember because my Mother used to sing it when I was growing up in Pennsylvania," recalls Jeannie. "And I remember having all my high school girlfriends over one time and my Mother was singing this song and teaching us to dance the Charleston... so it has wonderful memories, and it just feels good."

On an Opry Country Classics show in April 2011, Grand Ole Opry member Larry Gatlin introduced Jeannie Seely to the audience by saying, "When I first moved to this town - Dottie West brought me here in 1971 - the first person I met here was this beautiful, wonderful, incredibly talented woman. We've been dear friends forever. You can't sing a country song better, you can't write one better, than Miss Jeannie Seely."

Jeannie thanked Larry as she took the stage and proceeded to perform a crowd-pleasing rendition of "Darktown Strutters' Ball" from "Vintage Country".

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